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Here we have the strange case of a Man from Liverpool called Mike who is deluded into believing
A./ He can sing
B./ He is a Minstrel.

He says he is Singing Minstrel but he is a prat. He is very smelly and short and very fat.
He writes songs which are offensive, and sings off

Submit People and Will Feed the Homeless! - The Homless

To help out people in need, will be giving back to the community all through the months of June and July. For every 10 articles submitted through the “Make Somebody Famous” button, will buy the homeless a meal. Participate and help us give back to the community! Why …

Whatever I say, you know that I’m the best


Hey ladies this is cruel addict is hot stuff. He bank money like monopoly. listen up and throw me the dollar, kid because… MC Cruel Addict is the biggest rapper since 50 cent money…

I submit the ukraine for country but imfamous dont know ukraine. Dont know kyev, bitch i advocate

Pale Tone – Dreams Ft. Ramona


“Second single of upcoming album from Pale Tone, featured also Ramona.
Like Pale Tone in facebook and stay tuned for more.”

Emerging from Finland, slowly, we see Pale Tone. This paper white excuse for an artist makes ‘tones’ under his own record label he made up to make people

Double Take – Like A Princess


“Hey everyone! As you may have heard, hot girls have problems too, and we told you all about it in our ever so popular single, “Hot Problems.”

WHAT HATH HELL WROUGHT?!? America yet again demonstrates its ability to breed a generation of honorable female scientist….. I almost

Pornstar vs. Supercreeps (Stepdad and Interviewer)


During an interview at the AVN Porn Expo, Summer Verona (Christina Medina) and her manager discussed her ‘career’ in an interview and her manager reveals that he introduced her to this line of work and believed she was meant to be a porn star since he first met her at age 7

Cockamamie Jamie Pisses Himself During Rap Battle


Cockamamie Jamie from the Argyle Pimps is taking rap battles to a new level.

“Cockamamie Jamie started in hip-hop break dancing in front of the local Toys ‘R’ Us as a kid in the early-80s, and later participating in local rap cyphers and battles in the mid-90s to early 2000s

Pauly Shore Goes to Africa to Steal Black Babies


Everyone’s least favorite D-list D-bag Pauly ‘Biodome’ Shore pulled himself together from the radioactive neon ashes of the 80s and made a movie where he adopts a bunch of black kids…

This is literally a Bruno (the movie) joke stretched into infinity and beaten like a dead

What ‘Killing Season’ did to Robert De Niro & John Travolta


They are famous but after doing this movie they probably wish they weren’t. Look at this. This isn’t satire. That took me 20 minutes to figure out,

The poster is just Travolta chin strapped and ready to go; somewhere while De Niro does his De Niro(tm) face to the point where

Major Lazer vs. Crazy Interviewer


This stripey prison pattern chick is absolutely snapped in the head. Delivering thinly veiled insults while asking irritating questions, yeah that’ll lift the mood… woo party.. OH I KNOW HOW AMAZING IT IS TO BE A ROCKSTAR.

She’s like horrifying bizarro nardwuar specialized