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Alicia Panettiere

Alicia Panettiere is a ‘model’ with a really bizarre job on the side. She is a professional spanker. For the cheap cheap price of $275 she will spank a stranger in a hotel room with a paddle, no sexual stuff. While she has certainly found her niche, branching out into modeling was not an intelligent choice. Alicia also seems to have left out the fact that she used to hurt animals when she was younger from her bio page. Think we’d forget? Nope. This biach is known for being totally off the rocker crazy, as if it were that difficult to tell. Complete klepto as well, better hide your valuables well dear spank fetishists. Or don’t, you guys give me the creeps.

Lifestyle Bottom.  My primary spanking interest is that of a “bottom”, or the one receiving the spanking. I came into this community with a strong craving for parental discipline and nurturing, and I have gotten my need met way above and beyond what I ever thought possible.”

“$200 per hour plus $75.00 to cover the cost of the hotel room, for a total of $275. A non-refundable $75.00 deposit is due in order to reserve a timeslot. This deposit will be applied towards the total amount due.”




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