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Cait Osanna Brown (Caitlin Plush) is INSANE

Cait Osanna (Caitlin Plush) is a 27 year old musician from Connecticut that was asked to model by a ton of prestigious agencies but she turned them down in order to skateboard and smoke pot. Her brother beats her and she decides the best course of action is to post a youtube video and leave it at that. This chick needs serious therapy. She beats her boyfriends with a baseball bat and then wonders why they desert her.

Her ex-husband has been posting about how he isn’t very happy about the hep C she failed to mention. This girl has hella issues and not surprisingly her circle of friends somehow leads to Courtney Love (not really, but she claimed this along with 300000 other random statements). If that’s untrue that would only render it stranger. Caitlin claims that both her parents are ‘Freemason psychologists’ and used mind control, fed her klonopin while she was growing up and practiced satanic rituals on her which she cycles between confirming and denying. Her first fiance overdosed on heroin and died, along with a few others. Over the years she has faked dozens of pregnancies and miscarriages in order to manipulate her lovers and achieve god knows what. Caitlin Plush has further lied about being a transsexual psychic and having serious celebrity connections. And the list goes on.

She has said all of these things in her videos. Completely verifiable.

Update: She finds it hard to eat because her teeth are falling out. Jeeeezus…

Update 2: After god knows how many boyfriends, she is now a ‘lesbian’ all of a sudden.

Update 3: Ok back to being straight, 3 boyfriends in a week. New record. Congrats Caitlin!

An excerpt from a conversation between Caitlin (project 2501) and her ex-husband (linkkk):

“linkkk says:
you have 5 minutes to get out whatever you want to say to me

project 2501 says:
i cant.. you’re not here, and i dont have a bat

linkkk says:
then im blocking you

linkkk says:
take your time

project 2501 says:
fuck i wish i would have killed you that afternoon

project 2501 says:
id have claimed self defense

linkkk says:
ya that’s what you pretty much did…except you didn’t kill me

project 2501 says:
i wish that moment i chose not to knock your head off

linkkk says:
and IM the one who got charged with all that shit

project 2501 says:

project 2501 says:
i wish i killed you”

Here’s what one of the guy’s she was stalking wrote about her on his tumblr: “

Youtube #1

Youtube #2

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