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CJ Sway

This guy thinks hes a promoter in Phoenix & Tucson Arizona.
Hes broke as hell with no car… His models are fucking disgusting underage and ghetto. hes so gangsta with warrents for unpaid traffic tickets lol!

CJ Sway give it a break your making real promoters/photographers look bad. There’s tons of people on Imfamous already linked to this guy… Surprise surprise, none of them are getting anywhere!

This week on “Delusions of CJ Sway”:
CJ Sway has decided he’s a millionaire and king of the internet porn industry. He signed up for a couple of package deals where you pay $99 a month and a company sets up a porn site for you, and you get a commission when someone signs up. This would be an easy and brilliant plan if weren’t for the fact, that it’s stupid. Scams like this have existed since the dawn of the internet. If it worked wouldn’t everyone be doing it? This is a guaranteed way to spend $99/mo and make $0.

He claims he’s developed all of this sites and making millions, but this like many things CJ Sway says is simply not true. – A dating website with absolutely no bitches. If you’d like to set this up simply goto , although I don’t suggest it. – Consist mainly of gay porn(Maybe he did create this?). You basically setup a cover site and it’s a front for, this is very simple to do, but it wont make you any money. – More gay porn. Except in short clips, you have to signup for a company that CJ does not own and pay $29 a month.

He claims his websites are getting millions of hits and he’s making thousands of dollars daily. This like most things Christopher says is not true:

“damn as im sitting here checking out the websites and looking at the thousands of dollars i’ve been making every day, reminds me of all the people who hated on me, and talked behind my back that gave me the will to do all this…… Next week marks the spot i’ll be an OFFICIAL MILLIONAIRE……… So thanks hater……. Your the reason i made it , that and my MOMMY”

According to type in these domains). They get 5-10 hits a day, probably CJ himself. This means he’s making $0.

Einstein decided to register these porn sites using his address aka Moms house, where they both reside.

Besides.. if he was making millions wouldn’t he move out?

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