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Jenna Marbles Blowjob

Jenna Mourey aka Jenna Marbles (born September 15, 1986) is a KOOKY ZANY YOUTUBE CELEB, probably only because she’s a girl who splices her sentences together for the horrid ADHD subculture of inane vlog fans. Marbles is a such funny name, hee hee! Hey… maybe if I click like on her video and comment something she will sleep with me. Right? What if I email her a photo of me naked in a bath full of cheetos stroking my neckbeard. Then she will fall for me right? I better subscribe to this awful yapping face maybe my miserable pathetic ass will actually get laid. If I comment on EVERY video she won’t be able to resist. Just wait till we get to the Jenna Marbles blowjob.

Is this how it feels to actually talk to a real female girl human? Wow… Maybe one day I’ll meet her and I’ll be like, “Hey JENNA, I’m a fan!” and she will lay me then and there. She’ll have to knock me over and show me the ropes cause I sure as heck don’t know how to navigate this acorn, but she seems like an approachable gal. I don’t really want to listen to her talk though. Hmm, what now? Jenna Marbles better shut up be touching MY marbles soon.

Jenna Marbles is in fact so approachable that we get a behinds the scenes look at her life, right here:

 Jenna Marbles gives the worst blowjob ever (NSFW – Not Safe For Work)

In this video of her sucking a dick, she acts of a cat inspecting a bird carcass. Jenna keeps randomly falling to the side and has absolutely no clue what the hell she is doing. It actually somehow manages to be more painful to watch than her overblown (heh) YouTube theatrics.

Hey Jenna, check out my 1337 SEO skills: Jenna Marbles Blowjob, Jenna Marbles Blowjob, Jenna Marbles Blowjob. Will you go out with me now? I subscribed, promise.

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