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Lauren Wales the ‘Stoddenista’

“This girl is a delusional wannabe who follows and admires Courtney Stodden. We think she might want to wear a Courtney suit but we are unsure. She uses the TradeMark mark after her name as well as a Copy Write mark to show she is famous.

Her Youtube channel averages about 12 hits per year but somehow she feels the Paris Hilton follows her tweets because she is more famous!”

She’s 16? She looks like she’s in her 30s… Damn, how many packs a day does she eat? Why anyone would admire Courtney Stodden is completely beyond me. Media must be screwing this generation up to the worst degree when a teenage British girl is obsessed with American nobodies famous only for spreading their legs.

And here’s a little lesson on publicity, many celebrities don’t even update their own twitter. They have an underpaid twitter drone do it for them. And even if they do, I doubt they’d remember another whiney fan for longer than it took them to press the button. This is as famous as you’ll get, Lauren Wales. Thank us later.

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