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Tara Babcock Does Porn

Tara Babcock from Renton, Washington used to be the flat boring girl at TYEE high school but the miracles of surgery changed all that. Now she is an augmented plastic heap modelling under the protective veil of too much photoshop. She had her huge sniffer filed down, breast implants added and a ton of other work done. Now she pretends to be a nerdy quirky cutesy gamer girl, when she wouldn’t know how to turn a console on even if a chimp led the way.

To her gamer fans she says, oh she’d never do nude shoots. However some simple research shows that this bitch is straight up a porn actress and escort. Simply type Tara Babcock into Google. She’s as fake as Hong Kong back-alley merchandise, from body to personality. Don’t believe a single annoyingly intoned word leaving those collagen lips, it’s not worth jack.

Model Mayhem

Her website


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