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Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium is a disgusting weasel.


If you haven’t heard of this bubbling pot of diarrhea yet, Theresa Caputo is a pretend psychic on a pretend reality show called “Long Island Medium” on American television network “TLC”. Those initials used to represent “The LearningChannel” but it appears they now represent a poker hand of supernatural filth.

The show covers the day to day life of a marble headed pig-dyke as she pretends to talk to dead people in front of audiences, then plays “Wacky Yelling Reality Show Mom #3839″ with her grimy, stupid family. The Long Island Medium is a terrible cocktail, basically. Theresa lives on Long Island, in New York City where she works as a professional medium. I only mention this to include the one neutral thing I have to say about her, you probably guessed that information.

“The Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo is scum, a worthless human being who feeds off of the emotions of the grieving (including children because hey, why discriminate?) using a parlour trick called “cold reading” involving, among other things, asking seemingly innocuous questions and using the answers as a tool in convincing you she knows more about you than even you do. I say it, so it must be so.

At least a dump stays in one place, this bitchy pile of garbage parades her chunky, orange, Jareth The Goblin King head all ’round the east coast of The United States and, through the psychic power of television, into the homes of millions.

People eat this shit up, of course. Caputo the fucking cunt must slather all of the money she makes from this horse shit with her alleged side boyfriend’s semen and eat every last dollar because it seems like as she gets more famous (SECOND SEASON CONFIRMED), more vile, sweaty, meat flops out of her undersized dresses.

“From the age of four, I can remember seeing people standing at the end of my bed, feeling things that really weren’t there, hearing people call my name.”

I hope dearly she’s talking about a bourbon smelling uncle.

Here’s a short interview some might be able to tolerate:

Guessing semi-randomly enough times with sufficient camera editing seems to be the focus of Theresa “Yeast Infection Skin” Caputo’s interview style, similar to her reality show personality.

It’s hard enough listening to this clot of period blood with legs speak, even harder to hear the bitch plant her bullshit stupid personality into the minds of people by using their fucking dead relatives as a conversational springboard. This whore is venom.

Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, should be smashed repeatedly and gorily in the face with all the dead bodies she claims to have such a grand link to until her until her eyes invert and she can truly see her “Inner Self”.

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium is a disgusting weasel. 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

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