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UGNazi Interview with ImFamous

In this installment we interviewed hacker group UGNazi (also known as the Underground Nazi Hacktivist Group). Their logo is kawaii Hitler, who would’ve guessed? They have a notable history of finding and exploiting security flaws to further their agenda. They have found and made use of several exploits in Google, the Washington Military Database, WHMCS, MyBB, 4chan, HostGator, Wounded Warrior Project, WePay, Wawa and more. Let’s take a look and see what they have to say.


*** Cosmo And Zackary Taylor have joined the Interview ***

Loki @ ImFamous: Most can’t help but notice your groups name “UGNazi”. Is your group racists? Do you share the same ideals as the Nazi party?
Zachary Taylor: Yes actually. We don’t like black people or jews.
Loki @ ImFamous: Have you been wronged by blacks or jews in the past?
Zachary Taylor: Yes. We’ve actually made a DoS tool called The Holocaust due to our dislike for the jewish people. Black people, well, what happened was there was this African American hacking group – they pretty much just always stole stuff. We don’t know why, but we didn’t like it.

Loki @ ImFamous: What’s the name of the song from where can it be found? It’s quite inspiring and catchy!

Loki @ ImFamous: Is there a way your fans & followers can donate money?
Zachary Taylor: At the moment, no. That’s something that would have to be taken up with maybe Cosmo or Josh.

Loki @ ImFamous: Are you ever afraid of getting caught?
Zachary Taylor: Of course not. To us this isn’t really even a challenge. I mean, who else can say they have achieved the accomplishments we’ve done? No one’s ever safe on the internet 100%, but we don’t really fear getting caught, no.

 Loki @ ImFamous: Do you believe in the secret society called the “Illuminati”? If so what is their purpose? Who do you believe are members?
Zachary Taylor: Well yeah there’s obviously an Illuminati, how do you explain HAARP? They want to control the world and make it so that there’s this NWO of African American people, and no other color races. We believe that Martin Luther King was the leader of the Illuminati.
Loki @ ImFamous: Wow, that’s quite a bold statement! What would make you say Martin Luther King was the leader of the Illuminati?
Zachary Taylor: Well at first we kind of thought it could have been 2Pac but then we realized that 2Pac would never sell his soul to the devil like that and was an honest man, sort of. Martin Luther King always had this “dream,” how funny right? What kind of dream? A dream of a New World Order. A New World Order where the world is ran by African Americans. I mean it’s kind of happening right now. Look who’s the president of the United States.
Loki @ ImFamous: HAARP as in The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program? What role does this play?
Zachary Taylor: Well what people really don’t know about it is that it was actually an invention to cure cancer, until the Jewish people got a hold of it and started messing around with the weather. I mean just look at all the signs, look at all the countries that have had natural disasters? None of them of Jewish or Caucasian people.

 Loki @ ImFamous: Why was the Wounded Warrior Project targeted?
Zachary Taylor: Because it was hilarious. I mean, it obviously struck a nerve in the jester so bad that he’s gone crazy, saying he’s gonna get the whole UGNazi by June 30th? Lol. Come on.
Loki @ ImFamous: Are you reffering to ?
Zachary Taylor: That video I actually didn’t even listen to it. I’ve been questioned all day about that video. I’m not sure if any of the other UGNazi members know who prank called him, but I didn’t.

 Loki @ ImFamous: The internet as a whole is pretty shook up over the recent attacks. Can you offer any security tips for webmasters?
Zachary Taylor: Hm, well the best security tip I can give is that there is no real security, it’s an illusion. Knowledge is power, you know? We’ve been throwing Molotov cocktails at whitehat conferences since 1994. But yeah all in all, the best tip I can give them is knowledge is power.
Loki @ ImFamous: What sort of knowledge?
Zachary Taylor: Security knowledge. You know, securing their server that they host their websites on, or don’t put stupid answers in for your security questions, lol.
Zachary Taylor: We actually have our own tool that cracks e-mails too, it’s been in progress for quite a while now. We call it “The Black Guy” because it steals all of the e-mails and deletes the copies in the e-mail after. For example, let’s say I had – I use The Black Guy on it and I have all the e-mails, any e-mail would have would be gone.

Loki @ ImFamous: Can you tell me more about this tool “The Black Guy”? What language is it programmed in?
Zachary Taylor: Well pretty much how it works is that we also added in a few animations. You double click it and it it shows up an e-mail icon. It pretty much shoots the e-mail over and over til it falls on the ground then opens it and runs off with a bunch of documents in the e-mail animation. It is programmed in python.

Loki @ ImFamous: What’s the best way for users to protect their identity online? TOR?
Zachary Taylor: The best way? I’d say Tor, yeah. I actually run not 1, not 2, but 3 copies of Tor through a VPN. I feel pretty safe about my anonymity.

*** Cosmo added Hopsin to the Interview ***
Loki @ ImFamous:
Welcome Cosmo, thanks for taking the time to chat.
Hopsin: This is Hopsin
Hopsin: Whats up bros?

 Loki @ ImFamous: What’s your favorite programming language?
Zachary Taylor: My favorite? Hm hard to choose. I’d say…. C++. Simple for anyone.

Loki @ ImFamous: What is your favorite operating system?
Hopsin: Linux Cent Os n Backtrack 5
Zachary Taylor: Oh man, um…..Macintosh. I like how I can listen to iTunes and be on Facebook, while Tweeting out how terrible corporations are.
Hopsin: Oh shinizzle

Loki @ ImFamous: Is it true Microsoft Window has a built in backdoor that allows access by the N.S.A.?
Hopsin: Yes that is true ^
Zachary Taylor: Yes.
Loki @ ImFamous: Can you explain a bit more?
Zachary Taylor: Well, here’s what happened
Hopsin: Well you see since Microsoft steals money from the poor
Hopsin: they hide tax records etc
Hopsin: they have to pay the government something to hide
Hopsin: all the dirty shit that cause
Hopsin: so they let N.S.A
Hopsin: Lick the users of windows balls
Zachary Taylor: Basically Microsoft used that money that they steal from the poor and teamed up with the NSA to build these amazing backdoors, or so they claim. What’s funny is we can easily exploit those backdoors too.
Hopsin: to hide the black shit
Hopsin: Exactly

 Loki @ ImFamous: How large is UGNazi?
Hopsin: Well we have 5 front members
Hopsin: 8 hidden members
Hopsin: and over 50k fans
Zachary Taylor: We also have members who are currently working with The Jester, although he doesn’t know it.
Hopsin: and of course all the nazis of the world at our back.

Loki @ ImFamous: How long has the group been in existence?
Hopsin: even though i am black i am a nazi
Zachary Taylor: Like I said we’ve been throwing Molotov cocktails at whitehat conferences since 1994.
Hopsin: Our leaders name is Andrew Bay
Cosmo: Our main leader is th3j35t3r aka Thomas Ryan
Hopsin: The great Jihad Leader
Hopsin: Thomas Ryan
Zachary Taylor: The Jester, aka th3j35t3r, aka Thomas Ryan, aka the leader of UGNazi, IlluminatiSec, and forgot
Hopsin: he is also the leader of anonymous
Hopsin: the biggest hacking group of all time
Zachary Taylor: Oh yeah.
Hopsin: “Anonymous”
Hopsin: ofcourse #UGNazi
Hopsin: is much bigger than anonymous
Hopsin: anonymous are bunch of kids from hackforums
Hopsin: who want to learn how to hack
Hopsin: with there LOIC dos tool
Hopsin: its the same thing as refreshing the page 1million times
Zachary Taylor: See this is why we keep Hopsin around, sometimes I forget these small details because I’m always busy programming new things and forget the small details. We’re actually working on a project that lets us break into any computer in the world. We’re calling it “The Super Black Guy.” because we plan to challenge Al Sharpton and the Illuminati with it and steal all of their data, and the information they have on various white women that they have kidnapped and locked up.
Zachary Taylor: Hopsin is actually a reformed white man, although his skin color his black, he’s white on the inside.
Hopsin: Oh i love you guys
Hopsin: you changed me :(

Loki @ ImFamous: Who exactly is the Jester?
Zachary Taylor: Oh wow
Zachary Taylor: Where to start
Cosmo: THoMaS RYaN
Zachary Taylor: The Jester is this guy who pretty much claims to be this amazing hacker. For some odd reason he has this strange obsession with us. Which, you know is okay, he’s kind of like a fan you know? I mean, I don’t see how that guy would ever get laid though. Or how he claims to be a hacker. He doesn’t know the slightest thing of how to hack, even if there was a giant red key on his keyboard that says “HACK THE INTERNET” he would still ask people “how do I hack?” For God sakes, LULZSEC wrote his 80 something lines of code in like what, 15 lines?
Zachary Taylor: He’s also the leader of AlQaedaSec and IlluminatiSec.
Hopsin: His real name is thomas ryan.

Loki @ ImFamous: How do you feel about
Zachary Taylor: I’ve never heard of it. Um, if I had to say how would I like it from the url, I’d say it’s pretty cool. You seem like a pretty cool guy yourself, so I don’t know, I kind of like it.
Loki @ ImFamous: Thank you!

 Loki @ ImFamous: Your group obviously has some very gifted members. Who have managed to thwart companies that spend millions of dollars a year on online security. Have you ever thought of offering your services to corporations for a large bounty?
Zachary Taylor: We have, but like I said we really don’t like black or jewish people, except for Hopsin of course. Hopsin’s been a valued member of our team ever since he’s saw our work on Twitter. But as far as helping corporations? We might give them a tip every now and then.
Hopsin: I wish i was white
Loki @ ImFamous: What sort of tips have you given them?
Zachary Taylor: Well we’ve told them that Knowledge is power, you know? There was this guy named TriCk who claimed to have had 72 virgins and I’ve always lived by those wise words. It’s a shame he was picked up by Scottland Yard. But um, yeah – knowledge is power.

 Loki @ ImFamous: Your group was kind enough to “redesign” How was that done?
Zachary Taylor: I actually wasn’t there when this was done. Cosmo or Hopsin might be able to shed some light on that.
Hopsin: Sixflags was DNS posining, which only very few skillful hackers can do.
Hopsin: Of course our great leader Joshthegod aka Andrew Bay
Hopsin: is an expert at it.
Hopsin: What a name andrew bay
Hopsin: here is a picture of him
Hopsin: right there

Loki @ ImFamous: This tool “The Super Black Guy”. How will it work?
Cosmo: :$
Zachary Taylor: Well, I’m glad you asked.
Zachary Taylor: Basically I’ll be able to type in the name of a person who lives on the planet and find any computer registered to them. For example, Al Sharpton, the leader of the Illuminati. I type in Al Sharpton and it will take me to his computer and it shoots at the password animation, then runs out with a bag, implying that we have all the data from his computer.
Hopsin: Well you did forget about our infamous dos tool “The Holocaust”
Zachary Taylor: I’ve told him.
Hopsin: Oh alright
Loki @ ImFamous: That’s quite an amazing tool!
Zachary Taylor: Indeed.

 Loki @ ImFamous: I take it members of your team have worked professionally in the IT industry at some point or another? Or are you self taught?
Hopsin: Also we have access to the USA embassy database, where we get anyone’s SSN that lives in America.
Hopsin: Well almost all members of our team works either in datacenters.
Loki @ ImFamous: That’s quite a bold claim Hospin.
Hopsin: Have you not seen our “information gathering”?
Loki @ ImFamous: I’ve seen what you’ve posted publicly yes.
Zachary Taylor: Of course. We’ve worked with many high caliber hackers. We’ve worked with TeaMp0isoN and LulzSec. We’re actually in the process of doing a group project with GearSec – who’s here to take back the scene.
Hopsin: anyhow brb 2minutes, every dox we provide there is personal SSN’s on them.

 Loki @ ImFamous: Are you aware of any efforts by law enforcement to track & apprehend you?
Zachary Taylor: Cosmo’s actually been arrested twice, Josh has had a visit by the FBI. I have had yet to contact with federal authorities.
Loki @ ImFamous: Arrested twice for hacking related crimes?
Zachary Taylor: Yeah. And human trafficking.
Loki @ ImFamous: Human trafficking? Can you tell me more about that?
Zachary Taylor: Cosmo’s actually hired a bunch of male prostitutes along with other big pimps in the Staten Island area. The FBI finally caught onto it and caught Cosmo along with several other pimps.

 Loki @ ImFamous: Why are you doing this? What is the end goal? Political reasons? For laughs? Or attention?
Zachary Taylor: For the fame. We want to be famous.

Loki @ ImFamous: Can you give us any additonal material to post about you on
Cosmo: LOL
Zachary Taylor: Yes, my name is Zachary Taylor, 4th st #2 Staten Island, New York 15113. My social security number is 127-58-7990.
Zachary Taylor: That proves I don’t fear the federal agents.
Loki @ ImFamous: Why not? Do you want to be caught?
Hopsin: Joshthegod n Cosmo
Hopsin: has been caught before
Hopsin: the feds can’t keep us in jail
Loki @ ImFamous: What where the consequences?
Hopsin: Well Cosmo had issues with human trafficing
Cosmo: Joshthegod was actually arrested on hacking the whitehouse website and sex related rape charges
Zachary Taylor: I love Tom Cruise.
Zachary Taylor: That’s all I have to say about this subject.
Hopsin: Most of the “models” in the sex related rapes, we’re teenagers
Hopsin: which was the issue
Hopsin: Child rape basiclly
Zachary Taylor: That looked like Tom Cruise.
Hopsin: Zachary funny ^
Cosmo: He also was producing child pornography of Andrew Bay’s children according to the FBI
Loki @ ImFamous: Wasn’t targeted in one of your more recent attacks for being “child molesters”?
Zachary Taylor: Yeah but there’s a difference
Cosmo: Yeah but Joshthegod is a nice child molester
Zachary Taylor: They’re child molester bronies.
Cosmo: He would give the kids candy etc..
Hopsin: You see Joshthegod has done a video with ERIC JUSTIN TOTH before
Hopsin: ERIC JUSTIN TOTH is one of the top 10 wanted men in america
Hopsin: hes in the fbi’s list
Hopsin: for child porn

Loki @ ImFamous: Some would say UGNazi is a terrorist group and liken your cause to that of Al Qaeda. What’re your thoughts on that?
Zachary Taylor: Along with Andrew Bay and Thomas Ryan. They’re actually the criminal masterminds of this child pornography ring.
Cosmo: Thomas Ryan is wanted for murder
Hopsin: He has recently moved to nj
Hopsin: because of a warrant under his name
Hopsin: in ny
Zachary Taylor: Well I’m actually Osama Bin Laden in real life, funny you should bring this subject up. People are saying they killed me but me and The Jester are actually doing a group project to brain wash Americans into suicide bombing churches that African Americans would attend.
Zachary Taylor: It’s in the name of Allah, so it’s okay.
Hopsin: Lol zachary is not osama bin laden
Hopsin: but we we’re in washington d.c
Hopsin: in 2006
Hopsin: when osama bin laden actaully came in the cia
Hopsin: office
Zachary Taylor: Yeah I lied, I’m actually Zachary Taylor.
Hopsin: Joshthegod was doing maintenance on the datacenter for C.I.A
Zachary Taylor: Somedays I’m ROY JIMENEZ though.
Cosmo: I’m Eric Taylor
Cosmo: Somedays
Cosmo: :)
Hopsin: Im Josh Matthews
Hopsin: Some days
Hopsin: I wanna be that german sexyness :(
Hopsin: but i am stuck being Marcus Hopsin
Cosmo: but my real name is Anuub Mohammad AlHajakbar

Loki @ ImFamous: Do you believe 911 was an inside job?
Zachary Taylor: Of course. It was done by the Illuminati and Al Sharpton to oppress the white people some more. Look at what’s going on today, the white man is clearly losing their freedom day by day.
Cosmo: I think Kobe Bryant did 9-11 to be honest.
Zachary Taylor: Shut up. He caused the holocaust.
Loki @ ImFamous: That’s an alarming accusation. How did he manage that?
Hopsin: Well he is black
Zachary Taylor: Well he actually spoke to George Bush who’s actually secret black and Osama Bin Laden about a plan to blow up the towers, which was hilarious btw, in order to control the masses and make them all hate the white man and to elect a black president for safety reasons. They don’t want people to believe a white man is capable of running the United States.
Cosmo: I would also like to add that I am really a woman, my name is Hannah Sweet.

 Loki @ ImFamous: We’re just about out of questions. Thank you all very much for taking the talk to us. That has truly been an eye opening conversation. Do you have any questions for us?
Zachary Taylor: Yes, how do you feel about Hopsin’s music?
Loki @ ImFamous: I haven’t heard it, are you referring to the music on ?
Zachary Taylor: No no, his album – Raw. He talks about not being people’s buddies, and their pals, also about how he’s not introducing women to his mom.
Loki @ ImFamous: Sounds great!
Loki @ ImFamous:
Zachary Taylor: indeed.
Hopsin: Thank you :)
Loki @ ImFamous: Thanks a ton guys, good luck with your endeavors!

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