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Young G lavish livin (with his parents)

“Lavish Livin Entertainment an independent record label founded by c.e.o/artist/producer Eyan “Young G” Gastelum In 2006.Based out of Tucson,Arizona built from the ground up bringing the finest artist & music.
More Info Comming Soon”

Young G runs a lame record company out of tucson, az called Lavish Livin. He tries so hard to convince the world that he’s a gangster. His music is GARBAGE! He’s never done anything in his 20 years of pathetic existence that would give him any right to claim he’s a real g from the streets. No street credit at all. All his music is talkin bout being rich and living like a rocks tar. Lol. He doesn’t have a job, doesn’t sell music, doesn’t sell drugs, and damn don’t have any hoes paying him. All his lyRics are lies. He records out of his mommy and daddy’s garage. Worst of all… He runs a crew full of idiots that r just as broke as he is.

Lavish livin????? Really? His idiot friends live in a trailer with their parents or at the rented houses their guardians r paying for. His daddy pays for everything. He’s actually a good dude (young g’s father). He opened up the first Moriscos in Tucson. Then young g’s sis try to open a salon wit daddy’s money to called lavish nails or some shit and bam! Just like young g’s music… A flop! Please put these lame faggs on blast. Tucson doesn’t deserve to be looked down upon cause how lame these fux are.

Young G runs and calls all shots for lavish livin. It’s funny. Spoon (Arizona Reggie) , rockoo, and all lil hoes are employed by young gay but get nada! No money! No lavish livin. Oh yeah! And Marvin Trejo. Aka jackpot. A snitch rolls with these fools. Search this lame ass on YouTube. Just type young g lavish livin Tucson. A nd watch a train wreck.”

I found this: 

Wowaweewa, Young G from Tucson, Arizona looks like a total fool. He’s supposedly 22 but looks like he has to tug at the bottom of the shirt of his grownup friends to get a beer. A word of advice, unless you’re aiming to be as gay as Justin Bieber, shooting for a music career while living on your parents dime most likely won’t work out. Especially if you’re trying to be a gangster rapper. Now first off, props to your dad for hiring some good video editing people willing to look at footage of your horrible act long enough to make something out of it.

I know many rappers exaggerate their exploits and lives a little bit, but Young G needs to step off the jungle gym for a second and listen. I could count how many years ago he was still wearing diapers on just two of my hands, but only cause I have 13 fingers, all of which are flipping him off right now. It looks like his entire street cred is going to the corner store to get a pack of gummy ones that one time without getting the shivers. Young G needs to stop bankrupting his parents and get a real job.

“You gotta INVEST in order to reach SUCCESS” – Young G on twitter. Right next to it are pictures of daddy’s crib. Sigh.

Here are the ‘artists’ signed with Lavish’ Livin. They are livin’ about as lavishly as a bowl of dogfood, since their royalties are paid out in monopoly money:

Young G-

Dolly Games-

Arizona Reggie-

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